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Clutter is a pesky thief. We passively let it dominate our lives and drain us of invaluable resources; time, energy, hope … sleep. It produces frustration and conflict. Your time is precious, and we’d be honored to help shoulder the burden with you for whatever it is you might be grappling with. Square One can simplify the process and help empower you to maintain equilibrium moving forward. When you’re ready, we’re ready

A little more about what we do —

Presale Declutter & Staging

What single action will bring the most value to a property entering the market? Here’s an easy one: start by removing unnecessary clutter and neatly staging the home through the eyes of prospective buyers! Turns out, it’s what we do best.

Whole-Home Organizing

Who doesn’t daydream of a well-organized living space? We’re hooked on (bad) TV shows on the topic, we’re teased with “out-of-reach” Pinterest boards showcasing what could be, if only… Yet, somehow, real life always manages to stay one step ahead of our ambitions. Please, let us help you get back to Square One.

Packing & Moving Services

We get it. Moving is one of the most stressful transitions for any family. Square One specialists make the process far less burdensome. We’re highly skilled in the planning, decluttering, packing and execution of a move, from start to finish.

We’ve also been known to —

Downsize Homes

Merge Two Homes

Organize Garages

Coach & Consult

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Contact Us

(303) 947-9585

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